Why Italy is targeting Swiss drivers

Why Italy is targeting Swiss drivers

Fri, Jul 15th 2022

Bern shuts down a power plant, Switzerland’s heat wave will continue, and more in our roundup of Swiss news from July 12 – July 15.

Switzerland’s Energy Minister Simonetta Sommaruga spoke about the country’s very likely energy crisis at a press conference earlier this year. 

Bern nuclear power plant being shut down

Shutting down the Mühleberg nuclear power plant outside of Bern is about halfway complete, according to Swiss officials. The plant was first decommissioned about two and a half years ago, following a 2011 Swiss parliamentary decision to decrease nuclear energy production. The decision came just months after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in Japan – considered the second worst event of its kind, after Chernobyl. The Mühleberg plant is the first of five Swiss nuclear plants to be decommissioned for commercial reasons. In 2016, Switzerland’s Green Party made a proposal to close down all Swiss nuclear plants after 45 years in operation, but Swiss voters rejected it. Read more.

Switzerland prepares for war-induced energy crisis

Italy cracking down on Swiss drivers

The mayor of Como, Italy, Alessandro Rapinese announced this week that he will be cracking down on Swiss drivers who are not paying for parking like the locals do. In fact, Como now has a tow truck dedicated to removing only Swiss cars that park “where they like,” including in no-parking zones, according to Rapinese. The number of unpaid parking fines given to Ticino drivers amounts to about 300,000 euros a year, according to the mayor. “I always look for a legal parking spot and pay for it. It’s only fair,” Rapinese said. Read more.

Zurich, the most expensive city in Europe.

Swiss expats on Switzerland: Expensive, unfriendly

Switzerland is considered the 19th best country for expats to live in out of 58 studied, according to a report published this week from InterNations Expat Insider. While Switzerland ranked 6th for quality of life, it ranked even higher in two categories: Environment & Climate and Safety & Security. So, why did Switzerland rank below Mexico, Indonesia and Taiwan, among others? Difficulty in finding housing played a large role, as well as affordability. “Buying a flat is almost impossible, and renting is very expensive,” according to the report. In addition, Swiss expats ranked their expat country very low for “ease of settling in” and “finding friends. The report sheds new light on a country that has often been ranked among the best in the world for expats. Read more.

Despite sky-high prices, Swiss population growing

Swiss heat wave, drought persists

Most of Switzerland will continue to experience a heat with temperatures around 35 C (95 F) for the next week or so, according to local meteorologists. The heat wave has created drier conditions in Switzerland’s wilderness, so cantons are urging residents against grilling outside or lighting personal fireworks over the August 1 national holiday. In the Zürich and Schaffhausen cantons, officials say the risk of forest fires is “severe.” Read more.

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