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Firefighter Arrested for Arson in Zurich
Zurich police have detained a young firefighter suspected of starting multiple fires in Bonstetten, alongside two other individuals.
Death At Corpus Christi Procession In Switzerland
A tragic cannon shot accident during the Corpus Christi procession in Raron VS claims one life, prompting an investigation by the Valais cantonal police and public prosecutor.
UBS Face Fines In Switzerland: Claims Of Money Laundering
UBS fined CHF 50,000 by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance for failing to report money laundering warnings involving Yemen's ex-president Saleh.
Extradition Requests Surge In Switzerland
Switzerland saw a 25% increase in extradition requests from foreign states in 2023, with over 430 submissions.
Trial for DIY Flamethrower Assault At A Winterthur Bus Stop
A 20-year-old faces over three years in prison for a violent pepper spray attack in Winterthur.
Art Thief Gave Back The Paintings? Zurich Investigation Ongoing
Two paintings reappeared at the Zurich Kunsthaus after a year. The whereabouts during this period remain unknown as investigations into the art theft continue.
7 ATMs Blown Up In May, BCN Closing ATMs : The Police Don’t Have Answers
Rising ATM bombings force Swiss banks to suspend services, with Neuchâtel Cantonal Bank and others taking precautions.
Gazprombank Switzerland Ex-Employees on Trial In Zurich
Four ex-Gazprombank Switzerland employees face Zurich High Court over negligence in financial transactions with a Putin confidant.
Group Attack On Police Officers In Zurich
Crowd control in Zurich's District 4 escalates, resulting in one arrest and a police officer injured after dozens attacked police officers.
Sunday 26th Of May: Espionage, Power Plants & More
Swiss authorities face Russian spy threats, unconstitutional power plant projects, and rising forced marriage cases among asylum seekers.
Inquiry Commission: Over 60 Hearings Into Credit Suisse
Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (PUK) nears completion of investigation into Credit Suisse crisis, final report expected in winter session.
Mondelez Fined €337.5 Million By EU For Distorting Competition
Mondelez faces hefty fines for years of anti-competitive practices, affecting chocolate prices across Europe.
Eritrean Conflict Spreads Across Switzerland: Didn’t See It Coming
Eritrean political tensions lead to street clashes in Switzerland, revealing deep-rooted diaspora conflicts.
Arbedo-Castione Elections To Be Repeated Due To Fear Of Fraud
Invalidated april 14 elections in Arbedo-castione to be rerun on September 22. KEYSTONE/Laurent Gillieron The municipal elections held in Arbedo-Castione on April 14 were declared invalid and will be repeated on September 22.
Turkish Criminal Organization Crackdown In Switzerland
In a major cross-border operation, 19 members of a Turkish criminal organization, including the leader, were arrested in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey.
Commission Calls For Closure Of Jura Prison: Inhumane Conditions
The National Commission for the Prevention of Torture urges closing Jura prison due to inhumane and degrading conditions.
Trial of Fatal 2022 Accident Begins in St. Gallen
The trial of a young woman responsible for a fatal 2022 car accident begins, with her seeking a reduced sentence.
Weltwoche Must Remove Illegal Recording Zurich Court Deems
In a legal battle that underscores privacy rights, "Weltwoche" was compelled to withdraw an article about a Zurich judge due to a controversial secret recording.

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