5/6 Missing Ski Tourists Found Dead in Valais

5/6 Missing Ski Tourists Found Dead in Valais

Mon, Mar 11th 2024

In a sorrowful turn of events, five out of six ski tourers were discovered deceased on Tête Blanche, with the sixth still missing. The Valais cantonal police spearhead a relentless search amidst challenging weather conditions.


Five of the six missing ski tourers were found dead on the Tête Blanche mountain in the canton of Valais on Sunday evening. The search for the sixth missing person is continuing, as the Valais cantonal police announced early Monday morning.

Three rescue workers and a police officer were dispatched near the Dent-Blanche hut at around 7.30 p.m. on Sunday evening, the Valais cantonal police reported. At around 9.20 pm, they reached the Tête Blanche area, where they quickly discovered five of the six people who had been missing since the previous day with no signs of life.

The group was on the ski touring route between Zermatt and Arolla, as the cantonal police reported on Sunday. The Tête Blanche lies halfway between the two villages. According to the police, the missing persons are five people from Valais and one person from the canton of Fribourg, all aged between 21 and 58.

According to the police, all rescue teams on both sides of the route had been alerted since the missing person was reported. Numerous technical means were used to locate the ski tourers, they said. According to the police, a member of the group managed to reach the rescue teams at 5.19 p.m. on Saturday, whereupon they were able to locate the ski tourers in the Tête Blanche area.

The storm on the southern side of the Alps and the danger of avalanches prevented helicopters and rescue teams from approaching the area on Saturday, as was reported on Sunday.

On Sunday, in addition to the rescue forces of the Cantonal Valais Rescue Organization (KWRO) and the army air force, the various special units of the cantonal police, including members of the mountain group and the technical and telecommunications units, were deployed.

The Valais cantonal police will inform the media further at a press conference on Monday morning, according to a press release issued on Monday morning.


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