ABB to Acquire SEAM Group, Enhancing Electrification Services

ABB to Acquire SEAM Group, Enhancing Electrification Services

Mon, Feb 19th 2024

ABB announces its acquisition of SEAM Group, expanding its Electrification Service offerings and strengthening its position in energized asset management and advisory services across various sectors.


ABB revealed today its decision to acquire SEAM Group as claimed by an official ABB press release. ABB’s forthcoming acquisition of SEAM Group, a prominent provider of energized asset management and advisory services, is on the horizon, pending the necessary regulatory consent. It is anticipated that the transaction will be finalized in the third quarter of 2024.

Although the financial details are not disclosed, this strategic move is poised to augment ABB’s Electrification Service offerings significantly.

For many industries, every minute of production time counts. Proactive asset management is now a priority for industrial companies to guarantee peak performance of electrical systems and overall operational efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Stuart Thompson, Division President, ABB Electrification Service

The merger with SEAM Group is set to broaden ABB’s operational scope within the U.S., introducing 3,000 new customer sites and enriching its portfolio in industrial asset management and advisory services. This development is in sync with ABB’s objective to address the escalating demands for asset modernization and optimization, thereby ensuring safer, more inventive, and sustainable operations.

SEAM Group’s proficiency encompasses a wide array of services, including predictive, preventive, electrical safety, maintenance, renewables, and asset management advisory services. Their suite of services, which includes strategic advisory, tailored training, state-of-the-art technology, and data management solutions, is designed to boost safety and operational efficiency by enhancing asset reliability and productivity.

With a workforce of nearly 250 professionals, SEAM Group lends support to over 1 million assets for 800 active clients throughout 50 states, and extends its services internationally in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. Their pronounced presence in rapidly growing sectors such as data centers, commercial buildings, healthcare, manufacturing, and renewables, including electric charging infrastructure, positions ABB for enhanced market penetration and service diversification.

The synergies between SEAM Group and ABB are clear. From our shared values of customer focus, collaboration and enabling a more sustainable future, to our complementary portfolios, together we will deliver new levels of operational performance while supporting companies in their energy transition. We look forward to becoming part of ABB and the opportunity to bring the best of SEAM Group and ABB to our customers.

Colin Duncan, Chief Executive Officer for SEAM Group 

This acquisition is a strategic milestone for ABB, aimed at fortifying its service offerings and reinforcing its advisory and asset management capabilities. It promises to deliver increased value to customers in their pursuit of operational excellence and sustainability, marking a significant enhancement in ABB’s service capabilities in line with its long-term strategic goals.

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