Ai Comes to Swiss Schools

Ai Comes to Swiss Schools

Wed, Dec 6th 2023

By Keystone-SDA and The Swiss Times

Artificial intelligence (AI) is to be taught in classrooms in the Swiss city of Zug. The schools in Zug want to provide pupils with a “future-oriented and innovative learning experience”.

A school in Zug
Schools in Zug will soon be using and teaching Ai (KEYSTONE/Urs Flueeler).

AI is a digital revolution, said Etienne Schumpf (FDP), Director of Education for the city of Zug, to the media on Wednesday. Principal Remo Krummenacher said that schools should embrace the trends in everyday life and not wait until they catch up with them.

The city of Zug has launched the AI project together with the Lucerne and Zug Universities of Teacher Education. The first step is for teachers to develop an attitude towards the topic and draw up guidelines for dealing with AI.

Artificial intelligence will not be a new school subject. It is about a new method, said Krummenacher. Peter Rigert from the Lucerne University of Teacher Education said that AI should be a coach for pupils. But it should not write essays for them.

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