Andreas Glarner Fake News: Fined CHF 3,842.50

Andreas Glarner Fake News: Fined CHF 3,842.50

Fri, Jan 5th 2024

Andreas Glarner fake news case comes to a decision.

Andreas Glarner (SVP) is in hot water after circulating a false news video about a fellow National Councillor, Sibel Arslan (Greens/BS).

Glarner published the video created using artificial intelligence on October 16 last year – shortly before the national elections – on X, formerly Twitter, and on Instagram.

In the video entitled “If Sibel Arslan were honest”, a fake National Councillor makes political statements that contradict Arslan’s actual convictions. The Green politician then took Glarner to court and sued for violation of her personal rights.

The decision of the Basel civil court, is now legally binding, as Glarner did not defend himself legally in the proceedings.

The previous super-provisional measure imposed by the civil court on October 17, 2023, according to which Glarner had to delete the video and was no longer allowed to distribute it, was also confirmed.

1,500 of the total of 3,842.50 franc fine the Aargau National Councillor has to pay will go towards the costs of the proceedings, with the rest going to Arslan to cover his legal fees.


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