Bern Riots: 11 Policeman Injured & Arrests

Bern Riots: 11 Policeman Injured & Arrests

Mon, May 6th 2024

Violence erupts at Bern’s Schützenmatte as rioters clash with police, leading to numerous injuries and arrests.

KEYSTONE/Salvatore Di Nolfi

Following the riots at the Bern Riding School, the regional police chief has made serious accusations against the unknown rioters. The perpetrators had tried to seriously injure people, said Manuel Willi, head of the Bern regional police, on TV station Telebärn.

Ordinary police patrols without special protective clothing were deployed, Willi said in the program broadcast on Sunday evening. The police officers were also not wearing helmets.

“Every stone that comes flying means an extremely high risk of injury in such cases.” The perpetrators had an extremely high potential for violence.

According to the police, eleven police officers were injured during the riots on Sunday night. Police officers were attacked with stones, bottles, fireworks and lasers, among other things. Three of the injured had to be taken to hospital. It is not known whether other people were injured.

According to the police, the officers were called out after people tried to set fire to containers on the Schützenmatte. The police used rubber bullets, water cannons and irritants.


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