Blind, stupid – or both?

Blind, stupid – or both?

Sat, Nov 11th 2023

In November 2023, there are still people who see the “vaccination” against Covid-19 as an act of solidarity. Have they since months been living under a rock?

It borders on self-castigation, but I did it: I read through all the reader comments under an article on, and there were a lot of them. The article is about the criticism of the isolation of old people’s homes and nursing homes at the time of the measures and what the representatives of such institutions say about it today. You can read it here.

Perhaps I need to qualify my concentrated criticism of most of the media over the last three years. After reading this, it seems to me that many people don’t deserve any other media. In the meantime, even various mainstream titles are admitting to at least individual transgressions in the coronavirus era, but their readers are not making the leap.

The number of reader comments in which people pat themselves on the back for having been vaccinated is in the three-digit range. After all, they had protected others and shown solidarity. The “Schwurbler”, on the other hand, were only thinking of themselves. (TST Editor’s note: In German a Schwurbler is a derogatory term meaning things such as yokel, country bumpkin, and tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, etc … and was often used in reference to people who were questioning or against the official narrative surrounding SarsCoV2/Covid-19.)

You have to give these people credit: For a while, they could actually believe the solidarity thing. For long enough, the government, its chosen experts, and the combined media, claimed that the vaccination protected against transmission of the virus. However, we have known for some time now that this is nonsense and that the injection could not protect third parties. Which of course also makes the whole certificate story a scandal that should essentially be dealt with legally.

As things stand today, even the readers of should know that they cannot sell their selfish actions (a jab for a vacation, restaurant, etc.) as an act of solidarity. But either they still don’t get it, or they themselves are so embarrassed that they simply have to perpetuate the myth.

I don’t recommend anyone to read these comments because they make you lose faith in human intelligence. Or in the ability to understand.

It’s tragic enough that so many people have believed the fairy tales for so long. But not even realizing by now which lies you have been taken in by has a completely different “quality”.

It was only thanks to these people that it was possible to claim that vaccination prevents infection and transmission, until there was clear evidence to the contrary – and then quickly and elegantly switch to “helps against severe cases” when there was no other option.

But perhaps we should recommend the reading of these reader comments after all. Simply so that enlightened, intelligent people can see what they are up against on the other side.

Author: Stefan Millius
Translation: This article was translated using DeepL from the original German into English.

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