Cantons to Have Greater Say in Health Insurance Premiums

Cantons to Have Greater Say in Health Insurance Premiums

Fri, Jun 7th 2024

Swiss cantons will gain more authority in approving health insurance premiums under new federal legislation.

KEYSTONE/Gaetan Bally

Cantons will soon have more authority in the approval of health insurance premiums and access to more information. The Federal Council aims to amend the Health Insurance Supervision Act and has sent a dispatch to parliament to implement this change.

The Federal Council’s draft law seeks to enact a motion passed by Parliament. Currently, cantons can only comment on estimated costs. The new legislation will allow them to comment on health insurance premiums in their area before the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) approves them.

Specifically, cantons will be able to review healthcare cost estimates and premium proposals submitted by insurers. They will have access to all necessary information. “Cantons are best positioned to review cost estimates,” stated the Federal Council.

Additionally, the Federal Council proposes changes regarding the reimbursement of overpaid premiums. Currently, overpaid premiums are refunded to all insured persons. Under the new proposal, those with a full premium reduction will no longer receive refunds; instead, this money will return to the canton. The Federal Council noted that the current system is unfair to the cantons.


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