Case opened against “Allahu Akbar” Email threat suspect

Case opened against “Allahu Akbar” Email threat suspect

Fri, Oct 27th 2023

Following the bomb threat at the Zurich High Court, the public prosecutor’s office has opened a case against the suspect arrested by the cantonal police. He is strongly suspected of being linked to Tuesday’s bomb threat at the high court.

zurich high court
Zurich High Court (source: Keystone/SDA)

The public prosecutor’s office filed a request with the compulsory measures court on Thursday for the accused to be remanded in custody, the senior public prosecutor’s office of the canton of Zurich said on Thursday.

The Zurich cantonal police had identified the sender of Tuesday’s bomb threat at the high court: It is a 44-year-old Swiss. He was arrested on Wednesday. Why the man threatened by e-mail with an explosive device in the high court building is still unclear. That is the subject of further investigations, he said. An explosive device was not found during the search of the building on Tuesday afternoon.

The court employees had to leave their workplaces because an e-mail with a threat had been received by several media outlets in Zurich. In it, the 44-year-old announced that an explosive device would go off in the courthouse this afternoon. He wrote “Allahu Akbar” in the subject line.


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