Judge Reduces Bayer’s Glyphosate Fine from $2.25 Billion to $400 Million

Judge Reduces Bayer’s Glyphosate Fine from $2.25 Billion to $400 Million

Wed, Jun 5th 2024

A Pennsylvania judge slashes Bayer’s glyphosate lawsuit fine, reducing it from $2.25 billion to $400 million, amid ongoing legal battles over Roundup.


A Pennsylvania judge has cut Bayer’s fine in a glyphosate lawsuit from $2.25 billion to $400 million claims an MSN report.

A jury had previously awarded John McKivison $250 million in damages and $2 billion in penalties after determining that his non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by long-term use of Roundup.

Roundup, widely used in the US, was developed by Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018. Bayer faces numerous lawsuits over claims that Roundup causes cancer. In 2020, Bayer settled most pending cases for up to $9.6 billion but still faces over 50,000 lawsuits another report claims.

Bayer asserts that studies show Roundup and its main ingredient, glyphosate, are safe. However, the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency labeled glyphosate “probably carcinogenic” in 2015.

Despite winning 14 of the last 20 trials, Bayer suffered significant losses in late 2023 and early 2024, amounting to over $4 billion.

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