Chur Mayoral Election: Voting This Sunday

Chur Mayoral Election: Voting This Sunday

Sun, Jun 9th 2024

Chur voters will choose a new mayor on Sunday. Urs Marti’s term ends, and three candidates vie for the position.

KEYSTONE/Nick Soland

Chur’s voters will elect a new mayor on Sunday. The incumbent, Urs Marti (FDP), must vacate his seat due to the term limit. Three candidates are standing for the position.

Marti’s deputy, Patrik Degiacomi (SP), appears to be in the best position. As an incumbent city councillor, he has overseen the Department of Education and Culture on the three-member committee since 2017. Degiacomi has represented Marti as mayor since 2021. He was the first to announce his candidacy for the office in spring 2023. Notably, the SP has never held the presidency before.

The office has also never been held by a woman. Current city councillor Sandra Maissen (center) aims to change this. The 59-year-old has served on the city council since 2020. A lawyer and former president of the Swiss Scout Movement, Maissen currently heads the Department of Construction Planning Environment.

The FDP seeks to retain the seat. Chur municipal councillor Hans Martin Meuli aims to defend both the city council seat for the FDP and the presidency. A long-serving councillor, Meuli has been president of the municipal council and chaired the FDP parliamentary group in the city parliament for several years.

The general elections could result in shifts within the three-member city council and the municipal council. The Free List & Greens grouping, which narrowly missed out on a seat in the last elections, is also pushing for a place on the city council this year. Additionally, the SVP and GLP are vying for a seat.

The distribution of seats on the municipal council could be exciting. Currently, the conservatives, consisting of the SVP, FDP, and Center Party, hold a narrow majority with eleven seats. The other ten seats are shared by the SP, Greens, GLP, and independents.


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