Chur Prepares to Elect a New Mayor in June

Chur Prepares to Elect a New Mayor in June

Fri, May 31st 2024

Chur voters will elect a new mayor on June 9, with three candidates vying for the position. Urs Marti, the current President, steps down due to term limits.

KEYSTONE/Arno Balzarini

Chur voters will elect a new mayor on June 9. The current President, Urs Marti (FDP), will step down due to term limits. Three candidates are in the race.

Marti’s deputy, Patrik Degiacomi (SP), is a strong contender. He has been a city councillor since 2017 and has represented Marti as mayor since 2021. Degiacomi announced his candidacy in spring 2023. The SP has never held the presidency before.

City councillor Sandra Maissen (center) aims to be the first woman to hold the office. The 59-year-old lawyer has been on the city council since 2020 and leads the Department of Construction Planning Environment.

The FDP’s candidate is Hans Martin Meuli, a long-serving municipal councillor. He has held roles as president of the municipal council and chairman of the FDP parliamentary group.

The city council elections will also decide three city councillors and 21 municipal councillors. Six candidates are competing for the three city council seats. Besides the three mayoral candidates, the Free List & Greens group, the GLP, and the SVP are seeking a seat. Hanspeter Hunger (SVP), Simon Gredig (Greens), and Johannes Meyer (GLP) are also in the race.

In the parliamentary elections, 94 candidates are competing for 21 seats. Currently, the conservatives hold a narrow majority of 11 seats, with the remaining ten held by the SP, Greens, GLP, and independents.


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