CVC Capital Partners Announces IPO on Euronext Amsterdam

CVC Capital Partners Announces IPO on Euronext Amsterdam

Mon, Apr 15th 2024

CVC Capital Partners, a leader in private markets, announces its upcoming IPO on Euronext Amsterdam.

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CVC Capital Partners plc, is preparing for an IPO on Euronext Amsterdam. According to a press release from the firm.

With a longstanding presence in Switzerland, CVC manages substantial assets across various sectors such as private equity, credit, and infrastructure. The firm has investments in Swiss media, sports, tech and since 2017 the watch retailer Breitling.

Known for its formidable presence, with a significant €186 billion in assets under management, CVC has over 40 years of experience in the sector.

The planned IPO is poised to enhance CVC’s institutional structure, broadening access to public capital markets and elevating its profile among potential clients.

This strategic move will enable further investment in its workforce, attracting top-tier talent and supporting sustained corporate growth. The offering includes issuing new shares expected to generate approximately €250 million for the company, alongside shares sold by existing shareholders, aiming for a minimum total of €1.25 billion to ensure ample market liquidity.

The IPO details reveal a structured approach with private placements directed at investors, underscoring CVC’s prudent financing. Notable investors include Blue Owl’s GP Strategic Capital Platform, which has agreed to enhance its stake in the offering.

CVC’s has been marked by expansive growth, with a network across 29 local office locations worldwide.

The firm yields a historical gross internal rate of return of 28%. With a clientele that includes the largest U.S. pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

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