Decline in Support for Swiss Healthcare Proposals: Claims Survey

Decline in Support for Swiss Healthcare Proposals: Claims Survey

Wed, May 29th 2024

Support for both healthcare proposals in Switzerland has decreased ahead of the June 9 vote, with the cost brake initiative trending towards a “no” and the premium relief initiative showing a narrow “yes.”

KEYSTONE/Gaetan Bally

Two healthcare proposals facing a vote on June 9 have lost support. The second SRG survey shows a “no” trend for the cost brake initiative. The premium relief initiative still shows a “wafer-thin yes.”

According to the SRG survey published on Wednesday, 50% of respondents expressed at least a tendency to vote “yes” to the premium relief initiative, while 48% were more likely or definitely against it. Taking the sampling error into account, this indicates a stalemate. Approval declined by 6 percentage points, while “no” votes increased by 8 points.

Reversed Conditions

The SRG survey indicates that 54% were definitely or somewhat against the cost brake initiative, with 41% somewhat or definitely in favor. This represents a drop of 11 percentage points in the “yes” vote and a 13-point increase in the “no” vote within one month.

The Federal Act on the Supply of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (Energy Package Decree) had 73% in favor and 24% against. The “Stop compulsory vaccination” initiative would be rejected by 74%, with 22% in favor.

Commenting on the results, the SRG noted that the “no” share had increased for all four proposals, while the “yes” share had decreased, reflecting a typical opinion formation trend. Voter turnout is currently close to the long-term average at 48%.

Another Narrow Yes for the Premium Relief Initiative

The second survey by Tamedia and 20 Minuten shows similar trends. The premium relief initiative had 50% in favor and 48% against, while the cost brake initiative had 45% in favor and 51% against.

The energy decree remains popular with 64% in favor and 33% against. The “Stop mandatory vaccination” initiative had 23% support and 72% opposition. Five percent remain undecided.

For the SRG survey, 12,279 voters were interviewed by gfs.bern between May 13 and 22. The Tamedia and 20 Minuten survey on May 22 and 23 included 11,408 participants from across Switzerland, conducted in collaboration with Leewas.


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