Denner To Fight Food Waste

Denner To Fight Food Waste

Mon, May 27th 2024

Denner partners with “Too Good To Go” to fight food waste nationwide, now offering surplus food in 378 stores via the app.

KEYSTONE/Peter Klaunzer

Denner has expanded its collaboration with the company “Too Good To Go”, which specializes in combating food waste, to all regions of Switzerland. Following a successful test phase with initially 28 and later 100 stores, 378 Denner stores are now offering surplus food via the “Too Good To Go” app. This makes Denner the first discounter to cooperate with the Danish company.

The participating Denner stores are now offering three “surprise packs” every day, according to a press release issued on Monday. Customers can reserve these via the “Too Good To Go” app and pick them up in the last half hour before closing time.

What is included depends on what is surplus in the respective store. This could be fruit, bread or dairy products, for example, it says. Reducing food waste is a key element of Denner’s sustainability strategy, according to the press release.


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