Hochdorf Can Not Find Investors: Now Search For Exit

Hochdorf Can Not Find Investors: Now Search For Exit

Mon, Apr 22nd 2024

With no investors in sight, Hochdorf directs efforts towards selling its Swiss Nutrition subsidiary amid uncertainties about its holding company’s future.

KEYSTONE/Gaetan Bally

Milk processor Hochdorf made no progress in its search for an investor. They are now focusing on the sale of their subsidiary Swiss Nutrition (HSN). Meanwhile, it is unclear what will happen with the holding company.

“Discussions to date have clearly shown that there is currently no realistic prospect of finding investors or buyers for the entire Group, including the highly indebted Hochdorf Holding AG,” the press release states. The focus is therefore now on the sale of the operating subsidiary HSN. The financing of operations is secured.

The holding company could be dissolved or continued after the sale, the statement continues. In the event of dissolution, shareholders would have to expect a “significant or total loss” of their investment.

According to the announcement, the Board of Directors will report on the company’s financing structures and prospects at the Annual General Meeting on May 15, 2024 (new start time 10.00 a.m.). Marjan Skotnicki-Hoogland will no longer stand for re-election.


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