Constitutional Reform Vote in Innerrhoden 

Constitutional Reform Vote in Innerrhoden 

Sun, Apr 28th 2024

The canton of Innerrhoden prepares for significant constitutional reforms and government elections at the upcoming Landsgemeinde.

KEYSTONE/Gian Ehrenzeller

The voters of Innerrhoden will decide on the completely revised cantonal constitution at the cantonal assembly on Sunday afternoon. They will also elect a new government. Federal Councillor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider is expected to attend as a guest of honour.

All current members of the Professional Ethics Committee (government) are standing for re-election. Until recently, no official opposing candidates were known.

The completely revised constitution is one of the most important items on the agenda. The constitution, which dates back to 1872, was mainly revised in terms of language and restructured. However, with the loosening of the obligation to hold office, changed financial powers for the Grand Council (parliament) and the right to vote for persons lacking capacity, there are also substantive changes.

Other items on the agenda concern more targeted cantonal support for the protection of livestock from wolves and the introduction of new wildlife sanctuaries. In addition, a loan is to be granted for the financing of a section of road.


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