Jans Beat: EU Asylum and Migration Pact

Jans Beat: EU Asylum and Migration Pact

Tue, Apr 30th 2024

Beat Jans advocates for the EU asylum and migration pact, emphasising its alignment with Swiss interests and procedures.

KEYSTONE/Peter Schneider

Federal Councillor Beat Jans discussed the implementation of the EU’s asylum and migration pact with his European counterparts on Monday and Tuesday. From a Swiss perspective, the pact is a step forward, said Jans on Tuesday after the conference.

The head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police in Ghent (Belgium) told the Keystone-SDA news agency that Switzerland does not have to completely turn its procedures upside down in terms of implementation. The aim is to harmonise the various data and processes with the European Union (EU).

At the beginning of April, the European Union Parliament approved a reform in the area of asylum and migration. This provides for asylum procedures to be carried out at the external borders of the Schengen area. A so-called solidarity mechanism is also planned in order to relieve the burden on countries at the southern borders in particular.


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