Nemo, Non-Binary, Wins Eurovision For Switzerland

Nemo, Non-Binary, Wins Eurovision For Switzerland

Mon, May 13th 2024

Amid political tensions and a history of challenges, Nemo’s win at the Eurovision Song Contest heralds a new era for Switzerland, showcasing artistic brilliance and resilience.

KEYSTONE/Walter Bieri

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Malmö marked a significant triumph for Switzerland as Nemo clinched victory, a remarkable achievement given the country’s struggles in the competition. Media outlets globally have lauded Nemo’s performance, which not only captivated Europe but also stood out as a beacon of positivity in times of crisis.

Nemo’s success this year marks only the third Swiss victory in the competition’s 68-year history, following wins by Lys Assia in 1956 and Céline Dion in 1988.

The political atmosphere at this year’s ESC was charged, with ongoing tensions and protests overshadowing the event. Despite this, Nemo’s entry resonated universally, with commentators noting the song’s catchy tune and Nemo’s engaging performance.

Nemo’s victory is particularly poignant as it comes at a time when the artist has publicly embraced a non-binary identity, becoming a symbol of visibility and rights for the non-binary community. The return to Zurich was met with enthusiastic fans, many waving non-binary flags, celebrating not only a musical victory but a significant societal statement.

Federal Councillor Beat Jans has reached out to Nemo post-victory to discuss furthering queer rights, underscoring the impact of Nemo’s win beyond the musical sphere into realms of social advocacy. This dialogue aims to leverage Nemo’s influential platform to advance rights and acceptance for the queer community in Switzerland.


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