New Swiss Cloud Infrastructure For CHF 320 Million

New Swiss Cloud Infrastructure For CHF 320 Million

Wed, May 22nd 2024

The Swiss government proposes a 320 million francs investment in the “Swiss Government Cloud” to advance digital transformation, with Parliament deciding on a CHF 247 million commitment credit.


The federal government is to modernize its own cloud infrastructure and thus drive forward the digital transformation. The “Swiss Government Cloud” is set to cost almost 320 million francs. Parliament can decide on a commitment credit of CHF 247 million.

Cloud computing means that an IT infrastructure is not operated locally, but made available via the internet. A cloud usually includes storage space and computing power and/or application software as services.

The Federal Council is proposing that the Confederation should create an independent digital cloud designed for the requirements and needs of the federal authorities, as it announced on Wednesday. Technically, however, the data cloud should be set up in such a way that cantons, cities and municipalities could also use it. However, the “Swiss Government Cloud” will not provide any services for the private sector.

The project is scheduled to run from 2025 to 2032. According to the Federal Council, the first functionalities should be ready for productive use as early as 2026.


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