Accused Denies Violence Against Child at Winterthur Court

Published: Wednesday, Sep 13th 2023, 09:09

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The 28-year-old defendant, who is due to appear in court in Winterthur on Wednesday, has denied the charge of violence against a toddler. He had no explanation for the serious injuries suffered by his girlfriend's son. He also denied allegations that he had been violent towards his own children, saying he had only ever given them a slap on the bottom. The defendant, who is currently receiving social assistance, admitted to having an "angry side". He is allowed to see his two children from previous relationships, but lives with his parents. He is accused of having abused his girlfriend's 20-month-old son so severely that he died from his injuries. The attacks are said to have taken place over a period of 35 days. The prosecution is demanding a 15-year prison sentence and a 15-year banishment from the country for the German. It is alleged that the child was a nuisance to the defendant.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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