Approximately 500 People Gather for a 13th Old-Age Pension in Bern

Published: Monday, Sep 25th 2023, 14:52

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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Approximately 500 retirees gathered in Bern on the Waisenhausplatz to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Old Age and Survivors Insurance (AHV) and to demand an expansion of the pension system. The rally was called by the Retirees Commission of the Swiss Trade Union Federation (SGB) together with various trade unions, seniors and senior organizations. The main demand was for a 13th AHV pension. Pierre-Yves Maillard, President of the SGB and National Council (PS/VD), stated that the AHV had recently made a profit of 1.7 billion and that two billion would be added from value added taxes next year. The AHV was established in 1948 with a minimum pension of 40 francs, which would be equivalent to 194 francs today. The maximum pension in 2023 will be 2450 francs. Before 1948, the care for the disabled and elderly in Switzerland was largely the responsibility of family members, charitable organizations and the church. In the 1880s, the demand for social security arose due to the mass poverty of factory workers' families. In 1925, the constitutional basis for the creation of the AHV was accepted by the people. The first AHV proposal failed in 1931, but in 1947 the Federal Act on the AHV was accepted in the second attempt with a 53% yes vote.


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