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Around 1000 people at an unauthorized women’s demonstration in Zurich

Updated at 09 Mar 2024 5:10 pm

According to estimates, around 1000 people gathered on Paradeplatz in Zurich on Saturday afternoon for an unauthorized rally to mark International Women's Day on Friday. Spray paint was sprayed on building facades and the police arrested one person.

According to a statement from Zurich city police, the rally, which led from District 1 in the city center through District 2 to District 4, was accompanied by spraying and the use of pyrotechnic objects (firecrackers, fireworks). A model airplane that had been brought along was set on fire. After the final rally on Helvetiaplatz, the demonstration broke up at around 4.30 pm.

According to police estimates, several hundred people took part in the demonstration. Various radical left-wing groups had called for the demonstration.

The police were on site with a large contingent, but kept a low profile for the time being. The mood among the mostly female participants was peaceful at the beginning. Among other things, the demonstrators called for "the end of patriarchy and capitalism".

At Paradeplatz, traffic on various streetcar lines was restricted on Saturday lunchtime due to the demonstration, according to the Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ).

Unauthorized demonstrations had already taken place on Friday in Zurich, Basel and Winterthur in connection with International Women's Day. These were peaceful.


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