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Berset Calls for Russia’s Withdrawal from Ukraine in Security Council

The Swiss President Alain Berset addressed the UN Security Council in New York on Wednesday, calling on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory, end the war and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. He expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people and condemned Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, which he said was in violation of the UN Charter. He also praised Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Selenskyj for his peace plan. Berset highlighted the humanitarian law obligations of all parties involved in the conflict, and noted that Russia was denying its responsibility for the thousands of deaths and injuries in Ukraine and millions of displaced people. He also noted that the conflict had global consequences, including threats to global food security, disruption to the energy sector, increased nuclear risks and rising inequalities. The Swiss government is supporting Ukraine in alleviating the suffering of the civilian population, providing justice to the victims and promoting a political solution to the conflict. This includes opening its doors to people fleeing the war, providing humanitarian assistance and working with the Ukrainian government on the reconstruction process. Switzerland is also helping with its expertise and material supplies to clear the landmines in an area four times the size of Switzerland.


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