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Day of the sick with strengthening confidence at the center

The theme of Sunday's Day of the Sick is "Strengthening confidence". The 39 supporting organizations are using the motto to remind people of the good healthcare available in Switzerland. This is intended to counteract the insecurity of the sick, elderly and disabled.

The term "shortage" seems to be omnipresent in the healthcare sector at the moment, the sponsors announced. The signs point to a further escalation. It is not always possible to obtain suitable measures or support immediately.

The constant discussion of shortcomings can unsettle sick, elderly and impaired people. However, it is important not to lose heart. People in Switzerland can still rely on receiving medical help in an emergency.

Sometimes, however, new solutions have to be found, for example for older and cheaper medicines where there are shortages. Such situations in particular are an opportunity for innovation and new models. Good cooperation between all healthcare professionals has a positive effect.

In difficult situations, it becomes clear how important spiritual support is - not only from pastoral care, but above all from relatives. Everyone could do something together to relieve the burden on the healthcare system. Every year, the President of the Swiss Confederation addresses the population, Viola Amherd in 2024.

According to the sponsors, the Day of the Sick on the first Sunday in March has a firm place in Switzerland's social calendar. For 85 years, annual concerts, visits and gift campaigns in hospitals and care homes, sermons and solidarity events have been held. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 2.3 million people in Switzerland are chronically ill.


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