First Wind Farm in Vaud Opened After Years of Resistance

Published: Tuesday, Oct 10th 2023, 12:00

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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On Tuesday, the first wind park of the canton of Waadt in Sainte-Croix was officially opened after decades of opposition. More than 100 guests attended the ceremony on the ridge in the Waadt Jura, where now six wind turbines stand. The second largest wind energy plant in Switzerland after Mont-Crosin in the Bernese Jura (16 wind turbines) will be put into operation in November and is expected to cover the annual electricity consumption of 6100 households and local businesses.

The development of the wind park was a difficult process, taking a quarter of a century from the first feasibility study in 1998 to the green light from the Federal Court in April 2021. Despite the long wait, the construction of the wind park was met with strong opposition from the local community. Environmental groups have also raised concerns about the lack of bird protection measures and the increased provisional clearings.

In general, wind power has a hard time in the Romandy, especially in the canton of Waadt. Several projects in the Waadt Jura, a region with a relatively high potential for wind power, have been delayed or blocked by objections and legal proceedings. Last week, it was announced that hundreds of objections had been received against the planned wind farm in Mollendruz with twelve turbines.nn


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