From Sunday, Different Rules Apply for Speeding Drivers

Published: Sunday, Oct 1st 2023, 04:39

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The Swiss Parliament has recently passed a revision of the Road Traffic Act, which came into effect on Sunday. The changes include more leniency for those who speed on Swiss roads, with courts now having more discretion when it comes to sentencing. The minimum sentence of one year in prison for speeding can now be reduced if the driver acted for "respectable reasons" or if they have no prior convictions. The minimum driving ban of two years can also be reduced to twelve months. In addition, authorities must now reduce the penalty for drivers of police, fire or medical vehicles who break traffic rules during an emergency, with the penalty only applying to the difference between the speed limit and the speed deemed necessary for the emergency. Companies can now also be fined for traffic violations if the driver cannot be identified. Finally, probationary drivers will no longer have their probation period extended or their license annulled for minor traffic violations.


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