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GDL strike over – train services soon back to full extent

The strike by the train drivers' union GDL is over. Since 02:00 on Wednesday morning, long-distance and regional rail traffic in Germany has gradually started up again, as announced by Deutsche Bahn.

The full timetable should be largely restored by the start of operations. The strike in freight transport began earlier and ended on Tuesday evening. Passengers must be prepared for full trains on Wednesday, as it is to be expected that many will make up their journey on this day.

According to SBB, the strike had no impact on Swiss rail traffic. In the run-up to the strike, SBB advised against rail travel to Germany.

Strike over Easter not ruled out

It was the sixth strike in the ongoing wage dispute with Deutsche Bahn, which once again led to considerable restrictions for passengers and industrial customers of the Group. The union is fighting for higher salaries and fewer working hours at Deutsche Bahn. The crux of the dispute continues to be the demand that shift workers should only have to work 35 hours for the same pay instead of the previous 38 hours.

Deutsche Bahn had accepted a compromise proposal in a moderation process. This envisaged reducing working hours to 36 hours in two stages by 2028. The GDL rejected the proposal and caused the talks to collapse. It now no longer announces new strikes 48 hours in advance, but at shorter notice. The GDL and its chairman Claus Weselsky have not ruled out strikes over Easter either.


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