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Head of Migration Commission: Provisional Adoption of Outdated Concept.

The Swiss will have to apologise in the future for their treatment of children in the asylum system, according to the head of the Swiss Migration Commission. Walter Leimgruber, President of the Swiss Migration Commission, said in an interview with Tamedia that the current system of 'temporary accommodation' is outdated and does not take into account the needs of children and young people. He called for a protection status similar to that for people from Ukraine, with defined rules to help them stand on their own feet as quickly as possible. He also said that clear training and employment structures need to be created, and that children in the asylum system need stability, familiarity and relationships with people in the community. He also suggested that the humanitarian visa be used more and the embassy asylum be reintroduced. Finally, he said that asylum centres should not be like barracks, with uniformed guards, as this can be frightening for children from war zones.


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