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Health Insurance Associations Want to Adjust Benefits Catalog

According to the Swiss health insurance associations Santésuisse and Curafutura, the Swiss Federal Department of the Interior (EDI) has not fully exploited the potential for savings in the health care system. In particular, more savings could be made on medicines. In addition, the benefits catalogue should be adapted. For Curafutura, it is the premium payers who are now paying for postponed reform projects, as stated in a statement on Tuesday. The EDI has not adequately used the scope of cost containment measures, which is incomprehensible. With the margin revision for medicines, an immediate cost reduction of 60 million francs would have been possible. "And as a result of the increased use of generics and biosimilars, several hundred million francs could have been saved". The introduction of the Tardoc doctor's tariff would also reduce costs. The discussion about the benefits catalogue in the compulsory basic insurance also has potential for Curafutura. This covers almost 98% of all services. The full expansion must be questioned. The health insurance association Santésuisse calls for an immediate expansion stop of the benefits catalogue. According to Santésuisse, costs for medicines, nursing, psychotherapy and physiotherapy will increase particularly strongly in 2023. This justifies the increase of 8.7% in 2024, the association writes in a statement. The association believes that reforms are necessary, such as reducing laboratory tariffs and drug prices to the level of other European countries and the use of generics. These measures would enable savings of more than one billion francs, according to Santésuisse. In the medium and long term, significant improvements are necessary in the supply planning by the cantons for hospitals and doctors.


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