Man cannot remember alleged killing of wife

Published: Tuesday, Feb 6th 2024, 09:40

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A 53-year-old man allegedly killed his wife in Emmenbrücke in June 2020. At the trial on Tuesday at Lucerne Criminal Court, he testified that she had provoked and beaten him before the crime. He did not remember the killing itself.

He had blacked out and only realized afterwards what he had done, he told the judges of the criminal court. He partially confessed to the murder of his wife, but emphasized that he did not know how it had happened.

The perpetrator stated that he had been beaten by his mother-in-law during a stay in Serbia. He then reported her to the police. When he traveled back to Switzerland, he was attacked by the victim. She had provoked him so that she could then call the police.

The indictment, on the other hand, cites the wife's desire for a divorce and the associated financial consequences as the motive for the crime. During questioning, the accused admitted that he had not agreed to a divorce.


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