Man Sentenced to 18.25 Years in Prison for Deadly Parking Lot Shooting

Published: Wednesday, Oct 4th 2023, 18:16

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The Zurich District Court has ruled that a 37-year-old man is guilty of murdering a 66-year-old Italian man in August 2019 on a parking lot in Schwamendingen. On Wednesday evening, he was sentenced to 18.25 years in prison for the crime. The Swiss man of Turkish origin must pay a total of 83,000 Swiss francs in compensation to the family of the victim. The court largely followed the prosecution's indictment. The prosecution assumed that the 37-year-old had received a loan of 350,000 Swiss francs from the 66-year-old. After spending the money for private purposes and being unable to repay it, he allegedly shot the Italian from the back seat of the parked car in a treacherous manner. The accused denied the crime. He argued that the Mafia or other dubious business partners of the Italian were responsible for it.nn


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