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Nils Fichter is the new president of the Young SVP

Nils Fiechter, member of the Bernese Parliament, was elected as the new president of the Young SVP at the delegates' meeting in Thun BE on Saturday, as announced by the Young SVP. Fiechter succeeds David Trachsel from Basel.

For personal reasons, Trachsel no longer stood for election to the presidency of the national youth party. He was President of the Young SVP for four years.

His successor, 27-year-old Nils Fiechter from the Bernese Oberland, has served as President of the Young SVP of the Canton of Bern since 2017. In 2020, Fiechter joined the current party leadership of the Young SVP Switzerland, where he held the position of Head of Strategy.

In March last year, the Federal Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Fiechter and a party colleague from Bern. The Bernese High Court had sentenced the two to conditional fines for racial discrimination. They are responsible for a drawing that the Junge SVP published on Facebook and on its website before the 2018 cantonal elections.

The illustration shows a Swiss man in a dairyman's costume holding his nose in front of a pile of garbage in a caravan settlement. In the background, a slightly dark-skinned person is relieving himself outdoors. "We say no to transit sites for foreign gypsies!" read the accompanying text. This led to the Grand Council of the Canton of Bern refusing to elect Fiechter to the Bernese Justice Commission at the beginning of March 2024.

At the delegates' meeting on Saturday, Ticino section president Diego Baratti was also unanimously elected vice president of the Young Party, as announced by the Young SVP Ticino.


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