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Nine cantons have decided on 22 substantive proposals

In Valais, the new constitution has failed, the canton of Zurich approves an extension of the airport runways, the canton of Zug sinks relief tunnels and Geneva facilitates access to democratic rights. These are just some of the key votes in nine cantons. The results in alphabetical order:

BERN: In the canton of Bern, urgent laws can come into force immediately in future. Voters have approved a corresponding amendment to the cantonal constitution by a three-quarters majority. Laws will now come into force immediately if they have been passed by the cantonal parliament with a two-thirds majority. A referendum must then follow within six months.

FREIBURG: Transport companies in the canton of Fribourg are to become more environmentally friendly. Voters have approved an increase of CHF 60 million in the canton's share capital with 57.8 percent of votes in favor. The transport company plans to invest almost 600 million in more sustainable mobility by 2030.

Voting marathon in Geneva

GENEVA: The canton of Geneva wants to facilitate access to democratic rights. The constitutional law to reduce the number of signatures was adopted with 63.2 percent of votes in favor. This reduces the percentage for constitutional initiatives from 3 to 2 percent and for legislative initiatives and optional referendums from 2 to 1.5 percent of those eligible to vote. In addition, the deadline for collecting signatures will be suspended during the Easter vacations.

The Geneva electorate also rejected an initiative by the SVP to reduce motor vehicle taxes with 51.6% of the vote. The counter-proposal, on the other hand, was accepted with 56.7 percent of the vote. The new tax based on CO2 emissions is intended to encourage the purchase of more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Voters also decided to include the song "Cé qu'è lainô" as the official anthem in the cantonal constitution. In the new Geneva district of Praille-Acacias-Vernets with 12,000 inhabitants, the proportion of rental apartments, which is more than 80 percent, is not to be changed.

LUZERN: The canton of Lucerne can partially rebuild and renovate its 50-year-old civil protection training center in Sempach. Voters approved a special loan of CHF 30.3 million for the project, which cost CHF 37.8 million, with over 70 percent of votes in favor.

No limit on state employees

SOLOTHURN: In the canton of Solothurn, voters have said no to limiting the number of state employees. The FDP popular initiative "So lean. So strong." (1:85 initiative) was rejected with 55.5 percent of the vote against.

URI: The canton of Uri can create a cantonal threat management system to better protect the population from threats and dangers. The partial revision of the cantonal police law was approved with 76% of votes in favor. The partial revision of the Environmental Act was also undisputed.

WALLIS: The people of Valais have clearly rejected the new cantonal constitution. They preferred to retain the founding text from 1907. The draft of the new constitution, which included the right to vote and stand for election for foreigners with a C permit, was rejected with 68.1 percent of votes against, while the draft without this option was rejected with 57 percent of votes against. An extension of store opening hours was also rejected.

ZUG: For the second time in nine years, voters in the canton of Zug have clearly said no to a relief tunnel for the city of Zug. The CHF 747.3 million, 1953-metre-long Zug relief tunnel failed, as did the 1808-metre-long, almost CHF 310 million relief tunnel for Unterägeri.

ZURICH: Voters in the canton of Zurich have approved the runway extensions at the airport with over 60 percent of votes in favor. The costs of 250 million francs will be borne by the airport itself. The SVP's "Anti-Chaoten-Initiative", which always wanted to charge the organizers for police interventions and property damage at demonstrations, was rejected. In contrast, the more moderate counter-proposal for the assumption of costs only in the case of intentional acts was clearly accepted. A popular initiative for a continuous lakeside path was also rejected by the electorate.


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