Over 100 New Prison Cells Put into Operation in Valais

Published: Saturday, Aug 26th 2023, 13:40

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The Swiss canton of Valais has recently taken the first step towards implementing its “Vision 2030” prison reform strategy with the opening of two new prison buildings at Crêtelongue in Granges. The two buildings, which cost over 40 million Swiss francs and were partially funded by the Federal Office of Justice, provide a total of 104 cells. The main building has 80 cells, as well as workshops for intake, kitchen, bakery, laundry and employment. The annex building has 24 cells, which are used for semi-custodial sentences, work release programs and short sentences. The “Vision 2030” strategy seeks to consolidate all prison regimes in the canton of Valais into four prisons: Brig, Crêtelongue, Pramont and Sitten. The reform is estimated to cost around 90 million Swiss francs and will increase the prison capacity from 268 to 365 places. The prison conditions in Valais have been repeatedly criticised in the past, with the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture describing the conditions in the deportation prison in Granges as unacceptable and not meeting the required standards. The opening of the two new buildings marks the first step towards the implementation of the “Vision 2030” strategy.nnnnnnnnnnnn


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