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Resurfacing work on the A1 in Aargau: lane change and 80 km/h

From March, the A1 highway in the canton of Aargau will be resurfaced between the Wiggertal junction and the Aarau Ost junction. This will lead to restrictions until the end of November. Due to the poor surface, the speed limit is already 100 km/h.

The surface will be replaced over a total length of 15.5 kilometers - on all lanes and on the emergency lane, as announced by the Federal Roads Office (Astra). The construction work will be carried out in sections of around five kilometers each and is expected to last until the end of November.

The Suhr to Aarau Ost section will be the first to be renewed. This work will start on March 4, but preparatory work will begin at the beginning of February.

The work will have an impact on traffic flow. For the construction work, a traffic guidance 4/0 will be set up for each section: According to Astra, all four lanes will be shifted to one side of the road. The lane widths are reduced and the maximum speed limit is 80 km/h.

Work only stops on Sundays

In order to keep the construction period as short as possible, the workers are working six days a week. However, the construction work is heavily dependent on the weather, Astra notes. The cost of replacing the road surface amounts to 36 million Swiss francs.

The A1 section between the Wiggertal junction and the Aarau Ost junction has been in operation since 1967. According to Astra, the last complete renewal was carried out in 1998 and 1999. In some places, the road surface was last renewed in 2010.

Due to the poor condition of the road surface between Oftringen and Suhr, the speed limit has been 100 km/h in both directions since November. This was decided by Astra in consultation with the Aargau cantonal police. Because the road surface is worn, its grip is decreasing, it said.

Restrictions also in Lenzburg

Further renovation work is due on the A1 highway in Aargau: The two A1 overpasses near Lenzburg, which were built in 1964, are being repaired. According to Astra, this means that the lanes have to be narrowed and the lane widths reduced. A speed limit of 80 km/h applies in the construction site area.

This work will start at the beginning of March and last until the end of the year. In order to keep the construction period as short as possible, work will also be carried out six days a week.


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