Several hundred people at “democracy demo” in the city of Zurich

Published: Saturday, Feb 3rd 2024, 15:30

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Several hundred people gathered in Zurich on Saturday afternoon under the slogan "Together for our democracy". The authorized demonstration march led from Turbinenplatz to the Kasernenareal.

The organizers had announced in advance that the event would be colourful. Many of the participants brought their own posters to the demo, as was encouraged.

Slogans such as "Human rights instead of right-wing people", "Hate is not an opinion", "Make immigration great again" or "Even potatoes have a migration background" could be read on them. Others left it at demands such as "No violence!" or "No extremism - left or right".

An alliance of various parties and organizations had called for the democracy demonstration: They had justified their call by saying that it was important to show a "clear stance against right-wing extremism" and thus "clearly say no to hatred and agitation".

Switzerland has not been spared "the normalization of right-wing extremist ideas", Sanija Ameti, Co-President of Operation Libero and municipal councillor of the GLP in Zurich, was quoted as saying in a press release. What is needed now is a firewall against further expansion.

Democracy is the greatest social good and must be loudly defended, said Aaron Keller, board member of Junge Mitte Kanton Zürich. And for Nicolas Cavalli, Co-President of the GLP City of Zurich, it is clear that society thrives on its diversity. "Racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and queerophobia have no place in our society."

No speeches were given at the demonstration. The parade and the placards would say enough, said one participant, who held up a cardboard sign with the words "Diversity instead of diversity".


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