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Shooter from Netstal GL accepts murder charge

Updated at 06 Mar 2024 3:10 pm

In the trial for a homicide from October 2021 in Netstal GL, the accused has accepted the charge of murder. The man confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend with two shots to the head before the cantonal court in Glarus on Wednesday. Both the prosecution and the defense asked for twelve years in prison and 15 years in exile.

The homicide occurred shortly after midnight on the night of October 16, 2021 in a parking lot in Netstal near the victim's home. The perpetrator shot the woman, who was at the wheel of her car, twice in the head with a pistol. Before the crime, the woman had made it clear to the man that she no longer wanted to continue the relationship.

In court, the accused said that he had intended to kill himself with the pistol. However, when he was releasing the safety at the crime scene, a shot went off and hit the woman in the head. The defendant could not conclusively explain the firing of the second shot, also at the victim's head.

Shortly before the crime, the shooter allegedly wrote the last words of "Romeo to Juliet" from William Shakespeare's play on Apple Notes, according to the public prosecutor's office. Translated, they read: "Eyes, look your last! Arms, take the last embrace! And, O lips, you, the gates of breath, seal with rightful kiss the eternal contract to the usurious death."

The murder weapon, a 7.65 millimeter calibre pistol, had been taken by the man unnoticed from a friend's apartment in Horgen ZH. Before using it, he watched ten videos on YouTube to find out how to handle pistols.

Calls to the police

After the murder, the accused called the police three times and handed himself in. He wrote a message to his mother.

The perpetrator and victim, both of Tibetan origin, had met in April 2020 via an online game and entered into a relationship.

During his testimony at the cantonal court in front of a packed audience, the man, who has a master's degree in economics, burst into tears several times. He apologized to the victim's relatives, demonstratively threw himself on the floor three times after his closing words and folded his hands.

The man, who lived in France, has been in early detention at Pöschwies Prison in Regensdorf since December 2021.

Unscrupulous and reprehensible

The representative of the Glarus public prosecutor's office described the crime as particularly reprehensible and the perpetrator's actions as unscrupulous. For them, the bloody deed is murder. They demanded a prison sentence of twelve years and a 15-year ban from the country. The accused was angry, frustrated and disappointed. He had acted for purely selfish reasons.

As the defendant accepted these motions in full, his defense lawyer agreed with the prosecution's view.

The Cantonal Court of Glarus did not reach a verdict on Wednesday. The chairman of the five-member panel of judges said that some details still needed to be clarified. The verdict in the first instance can therefore be expected between April and June.


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