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Swiss climate activists want to keep sticking to the streets

Environmental activists in Switzerland want to continue taking to the streets - in contrast to the so-called Last Generation in Germany. According to Renovate Switzerland, the reason for this is the "inactivity and slowness of political decisions".

"We have taken note of the new Last Generation strategy, but are not adopting it," Renovate Switzerland said on Tuesday when asked by the Keystone-SDA news agency.

According to the Bild newspaper, German climate activists want to focus on mass street occupations, disruptions at politicians' events and attacks on targets that are directly related to climate change. The so-called normal citizens, on the other hand, are to be left alone.

The Last Generation in Germany and Renovate Switzerland are part of the same A22 network and pursue the same goal of saving life on earth, Renovate Switzerland added. However, each campaign works autonomously. The lack of information for the population shows that adhesive campaigns are still necessary in Switzerland. The movement believes that a climate emergency is threatening Switzerland.

Car traffic before new disruptive actions

The Swiss activists therefore do not want to do without stickers on the streets. "We still need high-profile campaigns to shake people up and draw their attention to the urgency of the climate catastrophe," writes the resistance campaign, which was launched in April 2022.

He added: "We will continue to protest peacefully on the streets until the government takes responsibility and protects our future."

At Easter last year, members of Renovate Switzerland disrupted traffic for hours in front of the Gotthard tunnel by sticking themselves to the road surface. To attract attention, the movement has also organized actions on the Lorraine Bridge in the city of Bern, on the Hard Bridge in Zurich and on the Mont Blanc Bridge in Geneva.


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