Swiss Federal Council to Strengthen Scientific Involvement in Crisis Management Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Published: Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2023, 13:31

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The Federal Council intends to incorporate scientific findings more extensively into its decision-making in future health crises and to improve public communication on the matter. This is in response to criticism from parliamentary oversight. The Swiss Federal Council has responded to the criticism of the National Council's Audit Commission (GPK-N) regarding the use of scientific knowledge by federal authorities during the coronavirus pandemic. The Federal Council has acknowledged the importance of scientific evidence in the decision-making process and has committed to further strengthening the use of scientific knowledge in the future. The Federal Council also noted that the current pandemic has highlighted the need for more effective coordination between the federal and cantonal authorities in order to ensure that the best available scientific evidence is used to inform policy decisions. The Federal Council has accepted all the recommendations of the GPK-N from the report and is ready to incorporate them into the ongoing work. The Federal Council and the supervisory authority have identified potential for improvement in public communication and the establishment of a scientific network. The eight GPK-N recommendations should be implemented, for example, in the ongoing revision of the Epidemics Act.


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