Switzerland Remains in the Grip of Heat on Sunday

Published: Sunday, Aug 20th 2023, 12:40

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The heatwave continues to grip Switzerland, with temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius being recorded in many regions by the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (Meteoschweiz) shortly before midday. In Evionnaz VS, the temperature was 31.8 degrees Celsius at 11.30am, according to Meteoschweiz's portal. Chur GR also recorded temperatures of over 31 degrees Celsius. Unusually high temperatures are also expected at higher altitudes. On Monday, temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius are expected in the lowlands in the morning, rising to 34 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. The zero-degree line is expected to reach around 5200 meters, according to Meteoschweiz. For the whole of Switzerland, the heat danger level 3 applies up to and including Wednesday below 800 meters above sea level. In Ticino, the danger level is 4 out of 5, which according to Meteoschweiz means a high risk of circulatory problems and physical discomfort.nnnnnnnnnn


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