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The BAG Recommends Vaccination Even for Contact with Birds

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) recommends that people who have regular contact with poultry or wild birds get the flu vaccine. This is to prevent simultaneous infection with a bird flu virus and a human flu virus. The flu vaccine is recommended for people with an increased risk of complications from six months of age and their close contacts, such as those with chronic illnesses such as respiratory or heart disease, pregnant women, premature babies and all people over 65. People who come into contact with people with an increased risk of complications, such as those in the same household as medical and nursing staff, staff from daycare centres and nursing homes, and the relatives of infants under six months of age, should also be vaccinated. People with an increased risk of complications should also be vaccinated against Covid-19. Both vaccinations can be administered at the same time. The vaccination is generally paid for by the compulsory health insurance if the franchise has already been used up. On Friday, 10 November, people interested in getting vaccinated can get vaccinated at many doctor's offices and pharmacies throughout Switzerland for a recommended flat rate of 30 francs without prior registration.


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