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The Council of States Against Facilitated Transition to Pedagogical Universities

The Swiss Council of States has narrowly voted against a motion from the National Council's Commission for Science, Education and Culture to allow Berufsmaturanden to study at pedagogical universities without taking an exam. The Council of States instead wants to wait for a report from the Federal Council on the matter. The National Council had accepted the motion in March due to the teacher shortage. The Council of States' Commission for Science, Education and Culture argued that students need to have the necessary background to enter the teaching profession, which is not provided by a Berufsmaturität. They also argued that a national regulation of the exam-free access should make the way into the primary teacher profession more attractive and thus help to alleviate the teacher shortage. A minority of the Commission proposed to accept the motion, arguing that the social skills, work experience and general knowledge acquired during the Berufsmaturität would be enough to enter a PH study. In the end, the Council of States voted 21 to 19 against the motion, with two abstentions.


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