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The Federal Council is Examining the Cost of Objections to Building Projects.

The Swiss Federal Council has been asked by the Council of States to consider introducing a "modest cost risk" for filing objections to building projects. This proposal was put forward by Lucerne Middle Councilor Andrea Gmür-Schönenberger, who argued that objections have become a means for neighbours to delay the implementation of unwanted projects. According to federal law, filing an objection does not cost anything, while obtaining a building permit is associated with high costs, creating an unequal situation. Gmür-Schönenberger also sees her proposal as a contribution to the housing shortage. She suggests amending Article 33 of the Federal Law on Spatial Planning, which sets out minimum requirements for cantonal building regulations. The Federal Council has requested the acceptance of the proposal, which would involve assessing the cost risk of objections in building and land use planning procedures.


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