The Federal Government Grants Building Permission for the Goods Terminal Gateway Basel North.

Published: Tuesday, Sep 12th 2023, 14:00

Updated At: Friday, Oct 13th 2023, 14:12

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The Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV) has granted the planning approval for the construction of the new Gateway Basel Nord intermodal terminal. This approval is initially for the first stage of development on a bimodal level between road and rail. The construction of the bimodal terminal at the Basel Rhine port of Kleinhüningen will cost around 130 million Swiss francs, with the federal government contributing 83 million francs towards the first stage. The estimated cost of the second stage with the new harbour basin is 155 million francs, with a federal contribution of 32.4 million. The process for the terminal, which is supported by the three transport companies Contargo, Hupac and SBB Cargo as well as the Rhine ports, took around seven years due to various objections from competing companies and environmental organisations, as well as the lengthy search for replacement areas for the valuable dry meadow on the site. After several revisions of the project, the BAV has now granted approval. However, there is still a 30-day period for any possible appeal to the Federal Administrative Court. The Basel Department of Economy, Social Affairs and Environment is very pleased with this decision, as the trimodal container terminal Gateway Basel Nord will contribute significantly to the transfer of goods from road to rail and thus guarantee the supply security of Switzerland. The Gateway Basel Nord AG, with the three transport companies, is also pleased, as the major terminal will provide the missing efficient and powerful transshipment options in Switzerland to cope with the increasing flow of goods between Switzerland, the sea ports and the continental transport centres, and eliminate the capacity bottlenecks in the Rhine port of Kleinhüningen. The Swiss Rhine ports also express their satisfaction with this step, as the Federal Office of Transport is giving the green light for an important step towards the further development of the Rhine ports as a national container logistics hub.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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