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The Parasitoid Wasps Should Combat Cherry Fruit Flies in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, Asian parasitoid wasps are being released in the Jura and Tessin regions in an attempt to combat the invasive cherry fruit fly. The cherry fruit fly is a devastating pest in berry, stone fruit and wine production, first detected in Switzerland in 2011. It lays its eggs in ripening fruit, rendering them unsellable. As it has no natural predators in Switzerland, the release of 800-1000 wasps is being used to determine if they can establish a population to regulate the cherry fruit fly and reduce production losses. In its native range, the Asian parasitoid wasp is a natural enemy of the cherry fruit fly, parasitizing its larvae and causing them to die. This is the first time a non-native beneficial organism has been released in Switzerland for biological pest control, following similar releases in Italy, the USA and France in the last three years. Initial results from these countries are encouraging.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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