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The Second Day of Trial Against Belarusians Ends Without a Verdict

In the trial against a former member of a Belarusian special unit, the District Court of Rorschach has not yet reached a verdict. The accused is accused of participating in murders against opponents of the Lukashenko regime. On the second day of the trial, the defense lawyer of the accused argued that the charge of disappearance was not fulfilled despite the confession. She argued that the cases described by her client had already been clarified and that her client could not be convicted under Swiss criminal law for disappearance. The accused himself stated in court that he had carried out orders for the kidnapping and shooting of people, but not for murder. The prosecutor, however, argued that the accused had provided details that only insiders could know and that he had acted with intent. The prosecutor demanded a sentence of three years imprisonment, with one year to be served if the court found the accused guilty of the three murders. The trial also focused on the question of whether the accused's statements about his involvement in the murders were credible or if he had made them to obtain a positive asylum decision. Two daughters of the murdered opposition politicians were also present at the trial and their lawyer demanded compensation of 200,000 Swiss francs each. The District Court of Rorschach is expected to deliver its verdict next week.


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