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Trend: seat gains for the SVP in the St. Gallen cantonal parliament

The SVP has further strengthened its supremacy in the St. Gallen cantonal parliament. After six of the eight constituencies were counted, the party won additional seats. It has thus surpassed its top result from 2016.

The SVP looks set to win the cantonal council elections in the canton of St. Gallen. Of the 75 of the 120 seats distributed so far, 29 have gone to the SVP. This means six seat gains even before the last two constituencies have been counted.

This means that the SVP has more than made up for the losses it suffered in the last cantonal elections in St. Gallen. Four years ago, the party lost five seats in the cantonal parliament.

SP, FDP and Greens lose seats

The SVP's gains in seats have so far come at the expense of the SP, the FDP and the Greens, who have lost individual seats in the constituencies that have already been counted. The centrist party has remained unscathed, retaining its seats in six of the eight constituencies in St. Gallen.

Four years ago, the Center Party, together with the Greens, emerged victorious from the St. Gallen cantonal council elections. Back then, the SVP lost five seats and the FDP four.


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