Suva Recorded a Positive Investment Performance After Negative 2022

Suva Recorded a Positive Investment Performance After Negative 2022

Tue, Mar 5th 2024

Suva records a robust 4.8% investment performance in 2023, rebounding strongly from the previous year’s downturn.

Swiss National Accident Insurance

The Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund Suva once again achieved a positive investment performance in the past year 2023. It benefited in particular from the improved performance on the stock markets.

Suva achieved an overall performance of 4.8 percent on its investments in the past year, as the accident insurer announced on Tuesday. In contrast, Suva reported a loss of 8.1 percent in the previous year. The result for 2023 was well above the average of 3.5% for the last ten years.

Investment assets therefore rose from CHF 54.4 billion in the previous year to CHF 55.9 billion. These are earmarked funds, for example to cover the statutory provisions set aside to pay current and future medical costs as well as daily allowances and other benefits.

Almost All Asset Classes Up

Suva benefited in particular from the significant improvement on the stock markets. Hopes that interest rates would soon fall again “led to a significant appreciation of the stock markets”, the report continues.

Suva was therefore also able to achieve a positive return in almost all portfolios. Equities in Japan, the USA and Europe made the largest contribution. In comparison, Swiss equities lagged significantly behind.

According to the report, fixed-interest investments and real estate also made a “clearly positive contribution to the overall result.” Overall, Suva Executive Board member Hubert Niggli draws a positive balance: “The investment result is well above the required return and thus strengthens Suva’s financial position.” The Suva Council will decide on the appropriation of the annual result “in the interests of the insured persons” in June.

Suva will announce detailed information on the 2023 financial year and premium development in 2025 at the annual media conference on June 14 in Lucerne, after the Suva Council has decided on the use of the funds.


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